NORTHERNERS never cease to amaze us here at BBM.

Yes, we’re definitely referring to Northerners it is definitely Northerners as somebody from London would never do something this weird and twisted with a pie.

We just don’t feel the same about baked goods in the more civilized Southern parts of the UK, where they quaff fine wines, steamed chicken and legumes.

73-year-old Tony Johnson from Lancashire apparently burned a Holland Pie back in 1972 and has held on to the ruined food ever since. What the fuck?

Yes, he’s been carting around a pie for 40 years, taking it on holiday with him, wherever he goes – and it is believed to have travelled 800,000km.

Commenting on his weird pet pie, Mr Johnson said, “Wherever we go, the pie comes with us. It’s been on holiday with us every year and it even has its own deckchair, fly hat and sombrero. As a family, we have had some real giggles with it.”

No wonder people are calling for Hadrian’s Wall to be resurrected.