bruno-movie-trailerDESPITE hobbling off like Old Man Steptoe in the World Cup final, Chelsea are still keen on splashing the cash on Fernando Torres.

Spain sub Torres collapsed near the end of the win over Holland with a groin crock.

But the cash happy Blues are still set to offer a £50million bid for the striker.

Meanwhile it looks like Steven Gerrard is destined never to win a league title after being ruled out of a move by Real Madrid.

After showing zero signs of ambition by staying with perennial Premier League also-rans Liverpool every year, time has finally caught up on Steeeeevie with Madrid transfer consultant Ernesto Bronzetti saying he’s too old to be of interest.

The fact that he was crap at the World Cup probably had a bit to do with it as well.

“The president does not agree with Gerrard because he is 30 and [Florentino] Perez [president] doesn’t want to know. Plus, Liverpool asked for £58m.”