blakey_bigLIKE a rabbit caught in the headlights. Like Wayne Rooney at the World Cup. And like Lt Gormon at the start of Aliens when his team are being wiped out – some people just freeze up when they come face to face with the size of the task ahead of them.

And just like Obi-Wan Kenobi declaring ‘that’s no moon’ in Star Wars, so it seems Ian Holloway has realised that the Premier League season on the horizon that seemed so harmless a couple of months ago, is in fact a giant weapon of mass destruction that’s got him in a tractor lock from which there is no escape.

After finally sobering up following the play-off party, Olly (pictured) basically admitted he’s done bugger all work on improving his side for the forthcoming season.
“We’re nowhere near ready. I’ve 16 outfield players so I need nine more,” he said.

“We’ve also got to build a stand or we can’t be in the league – and all in a month.”

Unless Han Solo signs for Blackpool in the next couple of days, we can’t see him getting out of this one.