Swearing by AmericaUncouth taxi drivers, Italian-Americans asking your girlfriend ‘how you doin?’, police officers who stab first ask questions later, lollipop ladies who yell ‘fuckin jerk-off’ to anyone crossing the road.
We haven’t actually been to New York but we’ve heard from good authority that that’s what it’s like, a preconception backed by a new poll which named the Big Apple as America’s rudest city.
Following up were Miami in second place, Washington DC, and three-time champ and road-rage riots capital Los Angeles.
“People in New York are constantly in a rush,” Thomas P. Farley, author of What Manners Most blog, said.
“Certainly, they don’t linger on corners smiling, waving, and waiting to help people. But once you’ve stopped a New Yorker and asked them for directions, they’re usually more than helpful.”
We’re assuming he means they’re helpful after they’ve mugged you.

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