Ever classy Alex Reid has taken to Twitter to announce to the world how great his sperm really is.

The ex-cagefighter and his glamour model/businesswoman wife Katie Price have been struggling to conceive for a while. However Reid had to take to Twitter to clear up the question of whether he was capable of performing after a user tweeted to him “According to the papers, ur firing blanks!!!!”

In response, Reid ever so eloquently put “Don’t normally justify, but make&exception here. 2specialists both confirm I have above average sperm production and working great (sic)” further adding “superman sperm”.

This comes after weeks of speculation that the marriage between the two is on the rocks, following the pair going on a make or break holiday and when Katie Price took to her Twitter to state that the marriage was indeed in crisis.

It’s lovely to think how people now discuss their marriages and firing blanks over Twitter, just another reminder of how wonderfully sophisticated this couple truly are.