Drunk student finds abandoned babyPicture the scene, you’ve been out on the lash for a good few hours, and decide to stumble home. However you assume you really must have drank too much when you see a pram with a baby inside in the middle of a path at 3 am. Checking around for the parental owners of the pram you realize that they are nowhere to be seen. Your inner drunk tells you, you must do your duty as a drunk student and push the pram to a mates house…despite the baby inside. Think of the possibilities of shinanigans to be had with a pram – it’s not as strong as a trolly but it’s a darn site more impressive!

Ok so that’s not quite how it happened, but student Joel Redhead, 18, was on his way back from a night out in Hull when he spotted the pram with the little girl inside. Shocked he decided to take the baby to a friend’s house and call the police. The baby has now been taken into care and her rubbish parents are facing charges which will most likely result in their bits being removed so they can’t have any more kiddies to abandon.