SOCIAL networking sites are one of the most unifying tools mankind has at his disposal. Just look at the way Facebook united plucky Britain last year as the public bought up copies of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name in a bid to thwart evil man-boobed music mogul Simon Cowell’s X-Factor Christmas number one domination. It was beautiful.

Now a Victorian man has been inspired to do good by cobbling together his own Facebook group titled ‘100 Biggest Sluts of Ballarat’. As you probably already guessed, it kindly warns locals and visitors alike which of the bogan town’s lovely ladies he considers to have a, ahem, reputation.

While some might call this a community service, in the eyes of the law it’s considered stalking and the creator is now under police investigation.

University of Melbourne’s law school know-it-all, Associate Professor Jeremy Gans, said there’s more to stalking then simply following someone down darkened alley ways.

“There’s a huge list of ways you can stalk someone,” said Gans as he erected a spy camera on his roof to perv on the hot blond living next door. “It’s not the page that’s illegal. It’s the conduct.”

Sadly, ‘100 Biggest Sluts of Ballarat’ has already been removed and 60 of the 100 women listed on the site have been contacted by police. Presumably to see if they’d be up for a shag.