Coronation Street


THE course of true love never runs smoothly – especially in Coronation Street. Graeme considers himself a lucky bugger when Tina assures him that she’d like them to have a proper relationship. Sex and stuff.
But he has second thoughts when Tina suggests they tell Jason and David.
Choosing to tell one each, Graeme handcuffs David to a radiator and spills the beans while Tina breaks the news to a heartbroken Jason.
However, thinking everything is now resolved, the new couple return to the flat only to find that a jealous Jason has changed the locks. Since the mortgage is under his name, Jason orders Tina to get packing.
Meanwhile, Deirdre gets chatting with Lewis at the bookies. When she has a drink with Ken later, Deirdre can’t help comparing the hunky escort to boring old Ken.
Elsewhere, Ciaran accuses Michelle of being jealous so asks her out on a date. But will she accept?


eastenders-logo-417506748THERE are newborn problems this week when an anxious Stacey goes into labour alone. And it soon becomes apparent that motherhood won’t be easy when Stacey begins freaking out at the prospect of the baby crying.
To stop her worrying, Jean gives Stacey a book of baby names, but it isn’t long before Stacey becomes concerned at the thought of breast feeding and passing on her bi-polar medication through her milk.
Meanwhile, Janine pretends not to care when Ryan packs his bags and leaves the flat. She later sees Ryan coming out of Pat’s house and, upset, Pat persuades Janine to ask Ryan to return home.
After building up the courage to face him, however, Ryan mocks her apology and she returns to the flat alone.
Elsewhere, Lucy plays a dangerous game with Adam but is caught in the act by Ian. Later though, Adams arrives at the Beales’ for some ‘payment’ in return for the exam papers but Lucy declines his invitation to ‘have some fun’, saying she’d never sleep with him.


hollyoaks logoHAVING listened to one too many Bonnie Tyler records, Tony responds to a stranger’s need for a hero. Specifically he rushes to the side of a woman hit by a car. After learning that her name is Gabby, she is taken to hospital and Tony discovers that she is a mother-of-two.
Strangely, Gabby asks Tony to look after her two kids and keep them safe while she in the hospital. Even weirder, Tony agrees. But when he takes them home to their house, he discovers that there has been a break-in.
Nevertheless, it becomes apparent that Gabby and Tony are quite smitten with one another and Gabby decides to run away from her husband who is currently away. Mental stuff.
Meanwhile, it looks like Newt’s baby brother, Jensen, is destined for an unstable upbringing – just like the one Newt had. So when Newt discover’s Jensen left all alone in the house, Shelley having obviously abandoned her son, he makes the decision to run away with Jensen.
Rae tries to talk him out of it, but will she succeed?


emmerdaleDOWN on Home Farm, Natasha is reaping what she sowed when a bouquet of flowers arrive with a card attached, signed ‘from Mark’. That’s right – the Mark she killed.
Shitting bricks, Natasha begins to worry that her dirty secret is about to be exposed and furiously accuses Nathan of sending them. No way Jose, he says – even he wouldn’t stoop that low.
Maisie, meanwhile, is wondering why her mum is kicking up such a fuss over a bunch of stupid flowers.
But Natasha is further shaken when the police turn up to reveal that Mark’s credit card was used for the purchase of the flowers.
Word quickly spreads throughout the village about the flowers from beyond the grave, with Faye confronting Natasha about knowing more than meets the eye. And as Maisie becomes increasingly upset, Natasha kicks herself for being unable to provide her daughter with closure and decides to come clean,
But just as she is about to do so, Nathan steps in and confesses to being the flower sender.

Fair City

faircityAH Bob. Carrigstown’s parasitical resident spends this week being brushed off one easy meal ticket and latching on to another, as Christy runs out of patience and orders Bob out of the apartment. Chop-chop and all that. But Christy soon takes pity and allows Bob back in, only to then kick him out again later. As Bob’s plight begins to dawn on him, he seeks solace in the bottle. And despite attempts by Christy to dissuade anyone from helping him, Carol ends up taking the leech-like Bob in.