Eastenders 9th-13th August

As Shirley finds Rainie and Phil in the living room out of their heads and naked surrounded by bottles she tells Peggy, but Peggy says that he’s not even worth talking about. With that Shirley heads out with Heather to celebrate being single again, but gets horribly drunk only to be found slumped in the gutter by Janine who taunts her. Elsewhere Janine is excited when Ryan finally proposes to her, after she had asked him in the pub and he didn’t answer, but will they actually go through with it, or will Ryan come to his senses about the kind of woman Janine is? Meanwhile it looks like Bianca will be exposed this week as to her shady comings and goings when Carol overhears her on the phone to someone named Bobby and then follows her daughter, but has Bianca really been cheating on Ricky? And Peggy is elated when Roxy announces that she has gone into partnership with Jack and Ronnie and Peggy will remain the landlady of The Vic. Jack also asks Max to be his best man at his wedding to Ronnie, but Max uses tough love and refuses to do it until Jack can walk down the aisle himself and not in a wheelchair.

Hollyoaks 9th-13th August

There’s a lot of mystery about town this week in Hollyoaks and it would appear that Veronica, the woman who seductively tied Malachy up and robbed the McQueens is partners in crime with someone we’re all familiar with, and Mercedes is happy that she now has something to hold over Malachy in that he was going to sleep with Veronica and cheat on her. Elsewhere after finally resolving to move to Spain with her mother instead of moving with Leo, Lauren is shocked when she finds out that he mother isn’t actually going to Spain, but where will Lauren go? Darren and Duncan move in with Jack when Duncan’s parents find out that he is no longer living with the Ashworths. Cheryl buys The Loft and calls it Chez Chez and hires Jacqui and Rhys to work there, but it’s clear there is some tension between the two. Jacqui celebrates dumping Des by going out for drinks with her mother and sisters. And when Jem sticks up for her half sister Jasmine about her father being too controlling we finally learn about the past rift between the father and daughter. Also Mitzeee is up to no good at the Costelloe’s and is dead set on trapping Carl.

Coronation Street 9th-13th August

Lewis ups his game this week as the impending move to Greece with Audrey moves ever nearer. Whilst in the bookies he convinces Deirdre to go and open a bottle of wine he bought her but whilst her back is turned he slips a fake betting slip into the till and locks the doors, when Deirdre returns he surprises her with a kiss, but the married woman soon sends him packing and tells him to go to Audrey. When Peter finds out that Lewis won a £4000 bet his suspicions are piqued and he recovers the CCTV footage, and in true soap style shows the evidence to a stunned gathering at Audrey’s leaving drinks. However Audrey has also transferred £100,000 into a bank account that she intends setting up a new life with him. When Audrey realizes that the money is due to be transferred and calls the bank immediately but will Lewis be receiving the biggest pay out of his life. Elsewhere Nick dumps Natasha when he feels things are moving too quickly, but she later finds out she is pregnant and is inconsolable, and when Sally finds out that Sophie and Sian lied and went to the festival she bans Sophie from seeing Sian, but how will the lovers get around this new obstacle?

Emmerdale 9th-13th August

Ryan is beside himself when he has his first court appearance, and despite Natasha’s efforts to keep Nathan away he turns up at court anyway and Cain catches him looking smug, but will Nathan get his comeuppance? Elsewhere when Paddy faces an overly amorous client on a call out visit he asks Rhona to pretend to be his girlfriend but when the pair kiss they’re both shocked that they feel something, but they know it would utterly devastate Marlon if anything ever happened. Meanwhile Aaron confronts Adam about his concerns for Holly and her drug taking and convinces him to go through her bag whilst she is asleep but when Holly wakes up to find him doing so she doesn’t take it well and swears that she isn’t back on the drugs, but how long will it be before she is found out. Later in the week Rhona faulters when Marlon invites Paddy to the cinema with them, but not knowing how else to cover her tracks she tells Marlon that she wants it to be just them, but can Rhona keep her feelings for Paddy at bay?