sniffer dogIF BBM learned one thing about watching Grange Hill as a kid, it was to never mess with gingers – for some reason they all looked pretty tough. Another lesson learned was to ‘just say no’ – to drugs that is, not to gingers. But it seems the young kids of today just don’t have the same gritty school-based dramas on at a tea-timely hour to learn this sort of stuff.

As Melbourne’s chemically enhanced lovers of dance music descended on Melbourne Park for the Winter Sound System last weekend, so too did the police sniffer dogs.

It wasn’t long before they picked up the scent of 63 revellers, the pick of the bunch being an 18-year old caught carrying 750 ecstasy pills.

“This is just another way that Victoria Police is continuing to target illicit drug use and trafficking across Melbourne – and in a highly visible and out there manner,” said Inspector Paul Pottage.

“Our message is clear. It’s not okay to use illicit drugs at home, at a party or at a dance festival, and it is doubly stupid to ingest chemicals with no knowledge about what it actually is or who has produced it.”