HAVING already been sent to prison once for listening to Tina Turner songs too loud, you’d think Gary Irvine would have learned his lesson. Apparently not. He’s been jailed again and has now lost his home as well.

“I was playing Tina Turner’s Simply The Best in bed with my wife on the morning I was arrested but it wasn’t too loud,” Gary told the Daily Express. “I can’t believe they arrested me just because I like Tina Turner. I am a good neighbour who keeps an eye on the area. I haven’t caused any antisocial behaviour.”

The 48-year-old tool infuriated neighbours in Hull by listening to the Nutbush City Limits star’s greatest hits at deafening volume.

The unemployed father-of-eight was jailed for five weeks for breaching an ASBO and has now been kicked out of his city centre flat.

One neighbour said: “I used to quite like Tina Turner but I never want to hear Simply The Best again as long as I live.”