Not So 'Into You' NowWe at BBM headquarters were devastated to hear that JLo and hubby Marc Anthony have finally called it quits. The MILF and her less attractive partner released a statement this week, after it was revealed that Jenny-From-The-Block was “desperate” to give the boot to Marc.

Ex- Mr JLo took to the stage this past Friday at his most recent concert, and openly mocked his divorce to Lopez by stating “They say I’m a single man.” We’re sensing some sour grapes, it’s not like he’s going to get much better really is he? The duo released a statement stating the decision was “very difficult”, but c’mon we have to point out that JLo hasn’t really had much luck in love. Well they say three time’s the charm.

The couple however face a slight awkward situation when they work together on their forthcoming Latin reality TV show. Well if we thought Simon and Louis were bitchy on X-Factor, how bad are this broken couple going to be?