Redneck Olympics 2012We can sympathise with the odd things rednecks get up to, due to the lack of education and things to do apart from fondling your cousins and siblings in the bushes within their communities, but the Redneck Olympics…come on!

The 16th annual Redneck Olympics has kicked off in East Dublin, Georgia, and features some rather budget and unusual events. There is of course the torch, which is fashion from a beer can, and events range from mud pit jumping to toilet tossing.

The Redneck Olympics are thought to have commenced in 1996 when the Summer Olympics took place in Altlanta. More than 5,000 people turned up to the first-ever Games, with a further 95,000 having attended in the past ten years.

Hmm good luck with bobbing for pigs trotters…we dread to think how they celebrate.

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