dr-steven-grahamDr Stephen Graham (54) has been caught a number of times taking advantage of his most trusted position.

Usually you assume doctors are bored of peoples fun bits having seen every shape and size and dealing with them from day to day. Seems though that childish giggles from boobies and voovoos aren’t lost on all of them.

Dr Graham, a consultant anaesthetist, is alleged to have touched at three women inappropriately while they were sedated at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough, while having a good stare at a number of others.

In one case, he moved apart a patients legs and took out a torch so that he could get a better view. At another time, he held a womans breast while listening to her heartbeat with a stethoscope .

The one that has stuck in his colleagues minds is his ‘Wonderbra Manoeuvre’.
When a sedated patient was placed on a special Montreal Mattress, designed with a cut out section so females laying on their fronts would not have pressure on their chests, he took one boob in each hand and pushed them together to form a cleavage.
Another time he held one patients breast in one hand and her ribs on the other side, pushed them together and had a look to see if her boobs were straight.

Nurse Karen Dawson said “There was absolutely no clinical need for that action to be undertaken”.

Of course this is the sort of thing we would all do if given the chance to play doctors and nurses, but if it is your actual job in real life, and not just a sexual role play, you’re expected to be a little more professional!

Dr Graham denies misconduct.

By Lewis Roe

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