RAF's £1billion For LibyaRAF’s £1billion For Libya

The RAF are frantically heading to Libya with £1billion worth of currency for the newly liberated country.

The money comes from .86billion dinars (£950million) released after Libyan assets held abroad were unfrozen. Taking the crates of money, printed in Great Britain, to Libya has been risky as there is still a lot of unrest in the country and whether or not the money will wind up in the hands of the people is unknown. What’s worse is the money is still in fact ugly as it bears the face of the overthrown Colonel Gaddafi. (We shudder at those jowls.)
Anti-poverty campaigner Robert Palmer, from Global Witness, said “This is almost £1billion of Libyan people’s money and they need to know it’s being handled fairly and competently.”
Foreign secretary William Hague also commented on the release of the money saying, “These banknotes, which were frozen in the UK under UN sanctions, will help address urgent humanitarian needs, instill confidence in the banking sector, pay salaries of public sector workers and free up liquidity in the economy.”
Analysts warned that the cash needed to be better protected than in Iraq, where more than half the £7.5billion in $100 bills released after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein disappeared.

Let’s hope the Libyan people get their cash-moneys safe and sound so they can spend it inappropriately like the rest of us, in their new and improved liberated digs!