Queen Elizabeth
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has told her staff it will be business as usual over her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June.
Staff working at the queen’s residences in Scotland, her property in Sandringham, Norfolk, England and Windsor Castle will all be expected to work their normal hours over the public holiday weekend, but are said to be happy to do so because of the example set by the queen in working so hard herself.
A source told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “It is hard to object when we have in Her Majesty a boss who works so hard.
“It is par for the course these days, in any case, as we were open for business, too, on the day of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.”
Royal staff have been promised days in lieu at a later date for working over the weekend. Visitor numbers are expected to increase on Jubilee Weekend, starting on June 2, due to the increased interest in the royal family.
The queen’s residence in Balmoral, Scotland, is also said to be planning an exhibition of the monarch’s ball gowns with a diamond theme, to mark her 60 years on the throne.


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