It’s not quite the same as pissing off the club’s hot physiotherapist but Jose Mourinho has already made one unpopular call at Old Trafford – he’s banned the players from playing Pokemon Go in the build-up to games.
The new Man United coach banned his stars from using the app within two days before a match. Apparently he needs his players to focus on tactics, not running around trying to catch a Squirtle.
Well that’s according to a “source” who told the Daily Star, but the story’s funny enough for BBM to ignore our suspicions and run with it.
“He says for 48 hours before a match, he wants the guys to leave it alone and concentrate on the tactics he and his staff have been working on in the days before,” the source said.
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has the opposite problem with Joe Hart, who has struggled to catch anything since Euro 2016.