Birmingham was host to the ‘Pokémon Video 569garbodorGame Championships’ this weekend (March 2012).

If that wasn’t funny enough for you, it gets better…

Contenders from all over Europe flew in to take part, staying in the E-tap Hotel. The winner, Ruben Puis Lecegui won himself a trip to Hawaii.

But it wasn’t the actual competition that has caught the attention of most. It was the after show celebrations, particularly that of the Spanish Team.

According to some of the other hotel guests and Poké Players, the Spaniards decided to celebrate winning the World Qualifier by wrapping their faeces in toilet paper and throwing it down the corridor.

Competition entrants returned to find that the Spanish Team were being escorted from the building by police with an ‘Adios’ and a £100 fine.

Pokémon competitors wish it to be made clear that they only throw Poké Balls, and not at each other.

By Lewis Roe

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