Parky-has-spokenIn a recent interview with BBC Radio 5, 75-year-old tv presenter Michael Parkinson spoke out about his disdain for the comedic genius that is Russell Brand. He was first ticked off by Brand after the whole Andrew Sachsgate’s saga, but it turns out that Parky just doesn’t get good old Rusty Rocket’s sense of humour, saying, “He doesn’t make me laugh, I don’t think his style of talking is particularly beautiful, funny or creative.┬áNot at all.
I don’t see the point of him, frankly.” The contancerous old codger then likened him to a dog as he spoke about his lucrative Hollywood career, saying, “I would say he has been a very lucky man. I mean Rin Tin Tin had a very big career in Hollywood and he was a dog.” Continuing the rant, Parkinson then said, “You don’t have to be particularly talented to have a career in Hollywood.” Oh Parky, you may be a TV coach legend, but cheer up you old sod. We wonder what Des O’Connor and Terry Wogan make of him, bet Des likes him, he’s a randy old goat and all.