So usually when you see someone on the tube just in their pants you think to yourself ‘poor love, they’re obviously mental in the face’, but low and behold a few sane people decided to embark upon their commutes doing just that.

No Pants Day set up by prank collection Improv Everywhere encouraged people to get on the tubes and subways of the world and remove their outerwear and then continue to behave normally. With the first No Pants Day set up in 2002, only 7 people participated, however this time around 3000 odd no pant wearers got involved across 43 cities world wide.

We applaud them being able to keep a straight face, as they read newspapers, checked their watches, and met strangers shocked glances with cool nonchalance, however this isn’t a very innovative idea, as we often have no pants day’s at BBM Towers…like you didn’t guess.