It’s a well-known fact that Alan Pardew, like all good Premier League managers, is a bit of a twat. In fact, the stats gurus at Opta have proven that there’s a direct correlation between a manager’s success and his level of twattishness.
Just look at Alex Ferguson – massive twat, massive success. Or Kevin Keegan, likeable lad, abject failure. So we were as surprised as anyone when straight-faced ‘Pards’ showed distinct signs of non-twattishness by dancing a jig in a pub full of Palace fans following his side’s hammering of former club Newcastle United.
Pardew and his assistant Keith Millen joined a Palace fans’ group who were celebrating 10 years since forming at a Selhurst pub.
Ok, he still looked like a right miserable bastard when he posed for photos but at least the thought was there.
The bad news for Palace fans is that a drop in twattish behaviour will almost certainly lead to a drop in results.