Hate him or love him, there’s no denying that Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy is some sort of superhuman striker.
Following the Foxes game against the Toon army in November (where Vardy scored a goal that was cheekier than a Nando’s with the lads) he has landed himself a prime spot in the Premiership history books right alongside Manchester legend Ruud Van Nistelroy.
To celebrate the top boy’s tenth consecutive goal in as many games, frenzied fans across social media sparked the page “Jamie Vardy is having a party” and invited everyone to “bring the vodka and the Charlie”. Despite being a blatant piss take, over 65,000 people clicked attending on the Facebook event, which was looking to be a class A night, if you get what we mean…
The question is; will his reign continue? Or will he be a one season wonder? Who knows. All we know is that if you chat shit, you will get banged.