Euro millions Winners FlightYou don’t need money to have a good time; you just need family and friends to keep your happiness consistent. But if you want to be like the Bayford’s, then add in a cheap flight with easyjet.

The £148 million euro millions winners Adrian and Gillian Bayford went straight from a press conference to Stansted Airport for their first overseas holiday to an undisclosed location. Maybe they took their new pre-ordered private plane? Nope, they stayed classy and travelled standard class with easyjet. To be fair to them, they could be saving money for the future! But this couple did it in style, deciding that they would not let fame get to them to possibly set an example for their kids. Maybe they should just blow all the money on something fun and not let the kids in on it, and then they will grow up with an average amount of money for sure!

So the couple snuck off for a family getaway with easyjet, sounds like an ending to a Thomas Crown Affair style movie; the good guys get away with the bad guys money and get away to an exotic location. As you may have guessed, Simon Cowell was probably the bad guy in this.

By Jason Barr

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