oops she did it againLet’s hope it’s a third time lucky for Britney Spears, as she’s been spotted with a huge rock on her finger. Being on your third marriage by the grand old age of 29 is quite an achievement for any young woman, but with Miss Spears we reckon she’ll be giving fellow serial marriers like Joan Collins and Liz Taylor a run for their money by the time she’s their age if she’s already clocking them up like this when she’s not even 30 yet. Maybe Spears just firmly believes in no sex before marriage and therefore needs to put a cap on her massive horn by saying I do to her manager Jason Trawick, or perhaps no one has ever explained to her the importance of getting to know someone before you say I do; either way we hope that it’s the real thing for her this time, as that shaved head really didn’t suit her.