another reason to hate gwyneth…Like we needed any more. The Great Empress of Tofu has announced her contempt for innocent old horses, whilst talking about her daughter Apple’s (stupid name) love for horse riding, commenting, “I hate horses and have nothing really to do with them.” Of course she then got all showbiz and started name dropping Stella McCartney who apparently teaches Apple to ride, saying, “The other day I actually sent Stella a picture because there was Apple, just sitting on her horse, wearing a pineapple T-shirt. I just texted her saying, ‘Surely this is your child?'” She then went on one of her hippy dippy food rants, showing that not only does she support her child’s favourite hobby, but that she is also depriving her of a balanced diet, “Apple’s ¬≠gorgeous and really good on horseback. Better than that, I’ve turned her vegetarian.” Just be normal for God’s sakes woman!