SO, how would you like to spend several days locked in a coal bunker? Erm… No thanks.

That was the question two thugs posed to an unassuming taxi driver (pictured) as they attempted to seize his vehicle earlier this year. Luckily the taxi driver managed to escape through the passenger door of his car, and alert the police.

The court was told last week that the driver’s ordeal began after picking up three men and a woman from Poleglass, west Belfast, in January.

He began to feel uneasy about discussions between Corey and another suspect as soon as the journey began. “They were asking the taxi driver how he would like to spend several days locked in a coal bunker.”

The prosecutor alleged that one of those in the back put their hands up to the victim’s face, and at one stage round his neck.

Luckily the judge has not granted the accused bail, so hopefully the sods will be kept locked up until they’ve learned their lesson.