Nice ice babyNice ice baby
THEY say make hay when the sun shines, well a group of innovative chancers have found the modern day winter equivalent in Ireland -extreme ice climb while the snow falls. It’s like, totally gnarly duuuuude!
The freezing temperatures back in the auld country have been a gift from the extreme sports gods to young Jackass fans up and down the country, with nutcases scaling waterfalls and watercourses on Ireland’s highest peak – Carrauntuohil in Co Kerry.
One daring group scaled the frozen ice on the mountain’s north face this week at ‘The Lick’, using ice axes and tampons to complete the 400m course.
“This year has been exceptional because we had the big freeze in January and now again,” said enthusiast John Hussey.
“We would not have had as good conditions for it in over 20 years since the last big freeze in 1986.”
Mountaineering expert and Sherlock Holmes baddy, Con Moriarty, has taken part in the sport for the past 30 years.
“Ice climbers travel abroad for these conditions all the time and we have it on our own doorsteps now,” he said before yelling, “I’ll get you yet Holmes!” while plunging to his death over the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.