moneyforloveWhat a shocker, it turns out after being given a shed load of money Playboy model Karissa Shannon and boyfriend, Smallville actor Sam Jones have agreed to release their sex tape with Vivid Entertainment. So initially after protesting and saying that they would sue Spencer Pratt if the video ever saw the light of day they’ve decided to cash in – we have to say we were completely fooled by that rouse to pretend to be utterly offended. Vivid president, Steven Hirsch commented saying, “We are excited to finally distribute this amazing DVD. Not only is it extremely kinky for a celeb sex tape, Karissa is absolutely beautiful. And as for Sam, let’s just say he’s no Smallville. This is sure to be one of our all-time best sellers.” Move over Kardashians and Kendra looks like Karissa will be stealing your airtime on E! very shortly.