Mole Man Forced To Leave His HoleA homeless man who lived in a hole in a London park for four years has finally left his underground home.

Dubbed ‘Mole Man,’ the Iranian, who is thought to be in his 50s or 60s dwelt in a 4ft deep trench he had dug and covered in tarpaulin, branches and straw.

Despite refusing offers of a home, Mole Man was told to leave Blackheath Park, South London, as it is to be a base for defence missiles during the Olympics.

Residents and passers by have seldom caught a glimpse of Mole Man, who has now moved into temporary council housing.

Rita Hunt, 28, who lives near Blackheath Park, South London, said: “Nobody ever got a real look at this guy.

“He came out at night and foraged, but as soon as daylight comes he vanished into his hole.

“I’m glad he’s finally accepted he can’t live there and is enjoying the benefits of hot water and somewhere safe to stay at night.”

Lewisham Council, who have stepped up their efforts in light of the construction of the missile base, are now working with Mole Man to help him find “the most appropriate permanent housing solution.”

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