Sanziana BuruianaFAT? Ugly? Crap at jokes? Well you can piss out of Romania for starters.

A gorgeous Romanian model with, hopefully, a keen sense of humour wants to improve the country’s image by starting a new political party for beautiful people.

Sanziana Buruiana’s policies include taxing overweight citizens – at a rate of €10 per kilo overweight – and jail time for anyone making ‘dumb blonde’ jokes.

“Anyone like that needs to be put in prison,” said the 23-year-old.

Other key planks of her policy platform include a €100 fine for infidelity, and a law insisting that only models in bikinis are allowed to work as tourist guides, something she suggests would boost Romania’s popularity as a travel destination.

We’d like to put our tick in her box. Phwoar!