Mel-Gibson-is-crazyFollowing this year it’s a confirmed, set in stone fact. Yes it’s tragic, but on the other hand it is also impressive. Van Gogh, over a lifetime of being under appreciated and unloved regressed into a shell of a person, Kurt Cobain struggled over the commercialisation of his career, Mel Gibson? He went completely bat-shit crazy in a under a decade. If before 2010 you were unsure, Mel certainly made up for it in the past twelve months. Following his racist, and anti-Semitic rants to just about anyone who would listen he went one step up by abusing, both verbally and physically, his 40-year-old wife Oskana Grigorieva.

In a recording of his abusive rants which were leaked on YouTube Mel can be heard screaming, ¨You need a f***ing bat in the side of the head…Threaten ya? I’ll put you in a f***ing rose garden. …You understand that? Because I’m capable of it.” Which in some ways isn’t all bad, it is a ´rose garden´after all that she is being threatened with.

Gibson´s new film, which many have hailed as his comeback, is about a troubled husband and executive, “who adopts a beaver hand-puppet as his sole means of communicating.” Which to us sounds a lot like someone just put a camera in Gibson’s house and filmed him live. Keep an eye out for his second comeback film, a coming of age drama in which a troubled husband and executive builds a city out of cream cheese and uses a spatula as his sole means of sexist and racist abuse.

By David Drummond