SURELY BBM aren’t the only ones with The Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz playing in our head after that headline? Anybody? Bueller?


Anyway, we digress. Taking a page out of Hulk Hogan’s book, police were called to a wedding in Sydney’s south-west after it ended in a brawl. Tables, Ladders and Chairs – Oh My!


A large number of people were reported to be fighting outside a reception centre in Revesby late at night.


On arrival, police found no-one fighting near the centre but soon discovered the fight had moved down the street. Great detective skills there, coppers.


Capsicum spray was used and police drew their Tasers to restore order as some of the wannabe-WWE wrestlers fled the scene.


Now BBM has been involved in some great wedding moments in our time – mostly involving the line “Speak now, or forever hold your peace,” and most definitely involved a drunken romp with the blushing bride at her hens night.


But we at least have had the dignity to save our brawls with the groom until the divorce papers were signed.


Nothing tops old Hulk Hogan though, whose wedding was crashed by a photographer – who was prompty attacked by the party of ex-wrestlers.