Liu Fei Pushes snakes up his noseWe despair at people sometimes, we’re all for sick things for entertainments sake, but this has really grossed even us twisted bastards out.

53-year-old Liu Fei, from east China’s Jiangxi Province enjoys entertaining the masses by shoving 3 ft long poisonous snakes up his nose and pulling them out of his mouth. Go on ‘ard and keep reading if you think you can handle it.

Apparently Liu Fei has been performing these horrible death-defying acts for over 30 years, and yes it is dangerous. Fei accidently swallowed a poor little snake once, but luckily for him it died in his stomach before it poisoned him from the inside out. Quite a new take on squirting milk out of your nose eh! We are curious as to how Fei came about the notion of shoving snakes up his nose, must have been one neglected attention seeking child.

We know that some countries aren’t that hot on abiding by animal cruelty laws, but some on, surely this is taking the piss.

Watch the video below, it really is disgusting.

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