Man Lives like Trash to raise Cash

Man Lives like Trash to raise Cash. A life size Oscar the Grouch has bin doing his bit for charity after moving into his own wheelie bin for 48 hours. Sounds like a nice step up from council housing.

The Lancashire Muppet climbed into the bin at 5pm on Friday and set up tramp… sorry, we mean camp, outside The Millstone pub. He has been wheeled around other local pubs in Darwen all weekend, cleaning up for the Children In Need charity as supporters’ chucked cash into the bin with him.
Donning just a pair of spotty pyjamas 48-year-old Ted Mountain’s only home comforts were a piece of carpet and a sleeping bag. The fundraising father of three told Lancashire News he was “really excited” and “looking forward to it”. Perhaps as well as donations he was promised a free pint at every stop too?
Unsurprisingly, Teds partner Joanne was reluctant to buddy up in the bin with him.
“My wife just laughs at me, she thinks I’m mad”. Ahh, still at least he hasn’t been dumped.

Although this barmy bin man has our full support for this great cause, if you walk past a drunk guy sat in a bin tonight, make sure its Ted before getting your wallet out.

By Rachel Trickett
Twitter: Rachel_Trickett