Nude House Sales GirlsAnd apparently it’s nothing to do with sex…

Chris Taylor, head of Nude House runs a business selling software called ‘Move your Mouse’ which retails at £2500. Must be some good stuff!

The thing that sets his company apart though, is that it is a haven for naturists. Taylor says that he believes it is rare for naturists to find places that they can work while practising their naked hobby and he is happy to provide that.

A recent ad on Craigslist advertising a job vacancy for web coders however has caught peoples attention.

It asks specifically for young females who are willing to work nude.
Taylor insists that it is all innocent however and not simply a pervy ploy. He makes a point that Nude House is staffed by males and females, who are true naturists and not simply out for sex or voyeurism.

”We have got a number of males and only one female, so we are trying to find more females to balance the numbers. As far as I am aware, there is no other company in the world that offers naturists proper work.

We are trying very hard to identify all the people who are applying just to see naked boys and girls and those who just want to have sex, as naturists don’t work that way.”

So if you’re one of the millions of unemployed in the UK maybe you can find a place where you can be naked all day long and make £500 for every sale you make! What could be better?

By Lewis Roe

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