London Riots Looting

As London was hit with violent riots and looting over the past weekend following peaceful protests on Saturday over the police shooting dead, Mark Dugghan of Tottenham. The protests rocked Tottenham, Enfield, Islington and Brixton, where more than 100 arrests were made, and 9 officers were injured.

The police shot Duggan as apparently he had been shooting at the police, but his family dubbed him as just a ‘normal bloke’ and said that he had merely had a gun tucked into his sock. We’re not quite understanding how carrying a gun in the first place is classed as normal, so we’re gathering all involved in the riots were about as “normal” as the late Duggan.

Also, we’re not quite sure why looting has become so popular this millennia, especially since Hurricane Katrina. From the photo’s we can see that electronics retailer Curry’s got hit quite hard, we have to say though, if we were going to jump on this new fad of looting we’d maybe hit up Harvey Nicks and Selfridges, after all London has a bevy of fine shopping establishments!