Every heterosexual man will have used the phrase “the old ball and chain” at some time in his life. Josef Fritzl probably took it a little too literally, but otherwise it’s the kind of harmless casual sexism men like to indulge in to degrade womenfolk when they aren’t in earshot.
Well a woman in Peru has turned the old adage on its head after shackling her poor, starving hubby up inside a wooden shack “for his own good” – for two years.
Pablo Tamariz Coraquillo, 86, was allegedly treated like a prisoner in the small village of Huauyan.
Officials acted on rumours and found him in a ‘weak and bewildered’ state.
Villager Viviano Villareal Corral, 56, said: “We knew he was there but his wife told us it was for his own good.
“She said he kept trying to run away.”
With a wife like that, we can’t say we’re surprised.