Lioness Tries To Eat Baby Dressed Like A ZebraBaby Jack seemed pretty unfazed by a lioness at Oregon Zoo whilst she banged at the thick glass separating them, in an attempt to try and eat the little boy.

The parents of the infant only realised that the stripy outfit made their child look like a zebra when they got home, and found the incident all rather hilarious. Commenting, Jack’s mother said, “We didn’t even realise he looked like a zebra until we got home but a lot of the animals in the zoo – the crocodiles and the jaguars – apparently did.” she told the Huffington Post. Continuing, “They would come up the glass and look at him. We were never worried though. We thought it was hilarious.” Erm, we think she sounds kind of insane, as if that glass had broken baby Jack would have definitely have been lunch.

Check out the video below for yourself.


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