Beef and Onion SandwichA local pub annouced that a diner had threatened to attack the staff after believing to have been served a “below par” beef and onion sandwich. Have they ever been above par? The 54-year-old, Clive Davies told employees at a local grocery store about his disappointment over the food given to him at the White Horse pub in Cambridge, before drawing out a seven-inch blade. Davies told the staff he would use the knife on whoever was responsible for his lackluster sandwich. He must really like his beef and onion sandwiches, maybe he would be more satisfied he went to a local Greggs. Davies was arrested by police and charged with carrying a weapon along with cannabis. Lawyers for the gentleman stated that he was struggling with the death of his girlfriend and had mumbled under his breath his disappointment at the landlord giving him a sub standard sandwich. The price to pay for receiving a bad sandwich? A 12-month community order, alcohol treatment, a four-month curfew and a concurrent 28-day curfew for the dope possession. Bet you he wished he just politely ate his sandwich now!

By David Mahoney