Jet Pack CoupleJames Bond, eat your heart out your jet pack has now been unbelievably topped by a couple in Newport, who had the most adventurous and fun wedding to date.

Grant Enger and Amanda Volf arrived to their wedding on £63,000 jet packs each as they kicked off married life in style with an exciting ceremony. The pair arrived from the air, with the bride landing next to her father waiting to give her away. I’m sure his thought at the time was “why didn’t he bring those to the bachelor party the selfish git!”

After exchanging their vows and getting the lovey dovey part out of the way, the couple then jetted away to the water to have their first dance above the water on their jet packs to complete a wild and fun day.

“Grant and I are kind of outdoorsy, adventurous-type people” Said the bride Amanda. I wouldn’t have thought so, would’ve thought after reading this that they were an old married couple looking for a quiet ceremony but got stuck with Max Clifford as their PA.

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