Jesus Found On Yorkshire WallResemblances of Jesus Christ’s face seem to crop up everywhere, from toast to chocolate. Some actually have a genuine likeness of what the Saviour’s face and some just look like a giant splodge in which there may be slight alikeness to half an eye.

This latest appearance however, strikes a very similar resemblance to Jesus’s face. Decorator Sam Dalby stumbled across the latest image of Christ behind a stereo unit in Yorkshire. It wasn’t until he sat down to eat his sandwiches that he realised the patchy plastering on the wall formed the shape of the Son of God’s face.

Unlike most people, Sam decided not to claim it was the saviour projecting his image onto us commoners and finished the job he was sent to do. He painted over the unusual pattern, making the wall smooth and Jesus Christ free.

Others who have recently claimed to have seen Christ on or in objects include Sarah Crane, who found the face of Jesus staring back at her in a pair of her socks.

People have also made money from these bizarre patterns that show a slight resemblance to famous people. When US president George Washington cropped up in a McDonald’s chicken nugget, the golden nugget sold for a massive $8,100 on eBay, making the owner a very rich person indeed.

By Hannah Biggs


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