robbie earleTHERE have been plenty of shocks at this World Cup – but the biggest so far surely has to be the news that Robbie Earle (pictured) was given a total of 400 free tickets to the tournament by ITV – including 40 to the final itself. WTF!


Earle, as we mentioned in last week’s mag, was sacked by ITV after it was discovered some of his ticket allocation had been sold on to a Dutch beer company, who used them for an ambush marketing campaign. In fairness, it worked as Bavaria Beer have had a shedload of publicity as a result.


According to Earle, the seats were given to a close friend for use by his family, friends and clients.

Turns out that friend, Keith Higgins, is regularly involved in the unofficial selling of tickets to international sporting events, concerts and West End shows. We’re sure Robbie will be shocked by this news about his ‘close’ friend.