Fabio CapelloIS it the manager’s fault? Is it bollocks. But that hasn’t stopped The Sun building a bandwagon and yelling ‘all aboard!’ to get Fabio Capello (pictured) sacked as England coach.

The fact that a few weeks ago he was being hailed as our ‘ace up the sleeve’ following a near-perfect qualifiying campaign seems to have been forgotten in the clamour to find a scapegoat. The usual mob of tabloids, former footballing pundits who can’t make it as managers and so-called experts have joined the cause to get Capello booted.

And part of the problem seems to be that they’ve just realised Capello is Italian rather than English.

Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and, erm, Jeff Stelling have all lined up to take pot shots.

“In business, if you are a boss who performs badly and fails then you simply have to go – especially if you are being paid £6million,” said Chris Kamara-baiting Countdown presenter Stelling. “The team out there was abject, there was simply no excuse for the way they played. It was a catalogue of things that went wrong and it all has to be laid at the door of the manager.”

Unbelievable Jeff.

The only opinion that matters, however, (other than BBM’s) is at FA headquarters. Whether they think he’s still Fab or just Crapello remains to be seen but, apparently, he’s set for showdown talks next week.

“I spoke [last week] with [Club England chairman] Sir Dave Richards and he told me he needs two weeks to decide my future,” said Fab.

“I said I can be the manager for the next season but they have to decide. I want to stay on, absolutely. I like this job and I need to be England manager.”

But it’s Shearer’s opinion that baffled us most.

The man who took his beloved Newcastle down reckons England have gone nowhere under Sven Goran Eriksson and Fabio Capello and is championiong the idea of bringing an Englishman back as boss.

“I cannot be accused of being anti-foreigner just because Capello has failed to take us beyond the last 16,” said Shearer, in the manner of a taxi driver who starts sentences with the phrase ‘now I’m no racist but…’.

“I have said since the appointment of Sven Goran Eriksson that the England team needs an Englishman in charge. We have brought in overseas coaches with lots of the right qualifications and a long list of achievements at club level. But they have brought little to our national team.”

Notice the way he conveniently ignores Steve McClaren in that argument? Learning from your mistakes anyone? If Capello does get sacked, why don’t we just select the best man for the job instead of going all Nick Griffin.