SOMEONE has to kill Sepp Blatter (pictured).


We’re not kidding. We’ve thought about it as football fans and come to a quite logical conclusion. The man must die.


Look, we’re not making for excuses for England – we were dogshit and deserved to go out.


But the fact is we should have been 2-2 at half-time following Frank Lampard’s ‘disallowed’ goal. The only person who didn’t know it was the referee – and it was his call. Even the frigging Germans think it was a disgraceful decision.


And just like introducing goalline technology to games, there’s only one person who thinks it’s a bad idea – and it’s his call.

So what are the chances of Sepp Blatter seeing sense, of actually listening to 99 percent of all football fans, players and managers? Well he’s made a few noises about maybe looking at it again but it wouldn’t surprise us if he was just empty words while he waits for the noise to die down.


In four year’s time we’ll still be having the same discussion, football will still be being held back in the 20th century, and fans will still be tearing their hair out in frustration at some easily rectified decision or other.

sepp blatter

Blatter has pretty much said his reason for keeping technology out of the game is because the controversy these wrong decisions cause is good for the game. But the only controversy it generates is people slagging off FIFA for being shit. Even England fans don’t dispute the result against Germany – just the scoreline. Yet what are the chances of getting rid of Blatter? Bugger all.


He’s so entrenched in his position it’s, as we’ve said many times in this magazine, like he’s the Emporer from Star Wars. Therefore he must be killed before he builds a Death Star.


On the plus side, he’s surely got to give England the 2018 World Cup now just to keep us happy. Sweet.