Hovis Loaf Of Bread Saves Woman's And there we were thinking that thinly cut brown bread was the best type of bread for you! Fools we are, fools!

Mother of two, Liz Douglas, from Stronachlachar, Stirling was saved by a loaf of thick cut white Hovis bread when her car hit a telegraph pole and she lost control of the vehicle.

With the car flipping over, the Nissan’s airbags failed to inflate, but lucky for Douglas the loaf of bread she’d just bought flew out of the shpoping bag and cushioned the impact her head was going to receive during the accident.

‘I’ve written Hovis an email to say thank you. I’ll always feel a certain loyalty to it now.’

If that wasn’t a lifetime’s excuse for toasties every day, we don’t know what is. Bring on the butties.

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