He was HotFacebook has a lot to answer for, once again it is the centre of media attention. A Brit named Gavin Jenkins is married after meeting his bride, Gisele Cunha on Facebook application ‘Hot or Not.’ There was 5,000 miles between them. They are the first Hot or Not bride and groom, what does this prove? That looks do count.

They chatted for months on end via the website and other media sites, then met for drinks whilst Welsh Gavin was on holiday in Brazil. It took a year of travelling the many miles before Gavin popped the question. Proving that sad losers who are too boring to go and dribbling on women down the local boozer can find love on the web. They tied the knot in Cuba and are now settled in Gavin’s hometown in Wales. Gisele Cunha, the girl in question, however is clearly insane as she decided to live in Wales as opposed to Brazil, so good luck with that Gav.