Harry Kewell. Brett Emerton. Andy Todd.Yes, the A-League reads like a who’s who of world-class footballing talent. At least it does if you listen to Craig Foster’s ill-informed bullshit.

Well now it can add Franny Jeffers (back) to its list of “soccer” superstars after the Sheffield Wednesday reject landed a plum move to Newcastle. Relax Magpies fans it’s the Jets not United. “Last time, even though I felt I was playing well and you lads [the media] were writing that I was playing well, I said there was more to come,” said Jeffers, who played with the Jets on trial last season, but knacked his groin after a few matches.

‘‘I came out here and played six games in three weeks, and it was difficult, because I’d just got off the plane and was trying to acclimatise. You’d expect you’d need three weeks to get your body up to speed, but I just had to get out there and play.”
In other words, it’s more than likely Jeffers will suffer a season-ending injury by the time you’ve finished reading this. He must have the same agent as Jason Culina.

Late-breaking news, we’ve just discovered that former Blackburn defender Andy Todd is no longer an A-League player. Apparently his player-of-the-season performances at Perth earned him a dream move to Oldham last season. He’s now at Hereford – which should tell you all you need to know about the standard of the A-League.