Going down

Here at BBM, the team loves to boast (read: lie) about their weekend exploits every Monday morning. However none of our scandalous stories came near the Scottish woman who fell 19 metres through a roof – all while buck naked.
Now we’ve heard of going down on your partner but this frisky female decided to go one step further with her boyfriend, deciding to smash through a third floor window and engage in sexual relations on top of a roof.
Clearly when our sex ed teachers encouraged us to ‘use protection’ in our prepubescent years, harnesses and helmets were not on their mind – not to mention the danger in smashing windows while naked. Who knows where the glass could end up?
The romance was short-lived as the roof gave way, sending the woman through the roof slates and into an empty photography shop. A nearby worker (pictured) noticed the commotion, (read: was perving) claiming: “They made a hell of a racket. They put me off my work.”
It all ended well though as the worker landed extra work patching up the window the couple smashed, while the male lover had to explain to his dear fiancée why he was having sex with another girl on the roof.