A new ride at Thorpe Park called Storm Surge is going to be moved due to ghostly sightings – and we don’t mean the half-dead man incharge of the construction site.


Theme parks are supposed to get us scared but this area of the park took it to a whole new level – a paranormal detection group (pictured) had to be called in. 


The water ride was being built over Monk’s walk (a path dating back to AD666 near an ancient abbey and church.) They feel that it disturbed a burial ground so of course it is bound to be haunted. What did they expect – Blackbeard’s lost fortune?


Mike Vallis, who works for the park, stated that “As employees were getting freaked out, we decided to call on an expert to see whether there was anything to report but had no idea of the dramatic effects.”


Storm Surge is now being moved to a place less spooky – instead of capitalising on the publicity and building a haunted house in the park.