Get Naked

An Iraq-serving solider, stopped at attempted car robbery at his home this week, by attacking the robbers naked.
Lance Corporal Wayne O’Mahoney found three masked men had broken into his home, and stolen the car keys to his partner’s new sports car. Upon hearing the noise, O’Mahoney decided to challenge the perpetrators, the soldier smashed the window of the car before struggling with the thief. It was only after neighbors started staring that the ex-soldier realised he was completely starkers.
“I think I gave some of them a nice surprise. Others thought I had lost it – they could just see a naked man shouting at a car. I hadn’t even realised I was naked, but there were people up and down the street looking out of the windows and pointing.”
Well there you have it, next time someone tries to steal your car, tackle them with your tackle hanging out!